What is Adjective?


Adjectives are the words or the clause that shows the quality of noun, pronoun or provide some additional information about noun/pronoun.


  • Anmol is brave.
  • Anmol is coward.

Here in this example, the word “brave” and “coward” tells us the quality of Anmol. Since the word “Anmol” is a noun hence the “brave” and “coward” are adjectives.


  • He is smart.
  • She is clever.

Here in this example, the word “”smart” and “clever” are the qualities of “he” and “she”. Since the word “he” and “she” are pronouns so the “smart” and “clever” are the adjectives.


  • I have many pencils
  • I have few pencils

The word “many” and “few” give additional information about the pencil. So “many” and “few” are the adjectives.


  • Robert is my brother who plays with you.

Here, “who plays with you”, this whole clause is adjective because this clause gives additional information about Robert.

If you see the definition again, Adjective can be one word or can be a clause that describes noun, pronoun, or gives some additional information about them.

Adjectives are used to describe:

  • Taste: sweet, yummy, sour, salty, etc.
  • Touch: sharp, silky, soft, slippery, etc.
  • Sound: silent, noisy, melodic, soft, etc.
  • Color: pink, green, blue, white, red, etc.
  • Size: short, small, big, tall, etc.
  • Shape: round, square, oval, flat, etc.
  • Time: regular, old, quick, etc.
  • Amount: one, ten, many, little, some, etc.
  • Emotion: sad, nervous, happy, etc.
  • Personality: shy, stupid, helpful, etc.
  • Appearances: fat, ugly, beautiful, etc.
  • Situations: hard, simple, bad, tricky, etc.
  • etc……
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