Computer Questions for Competitive Exams Part-1

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—Computer MCQ Quiz-1—

Q1) The word computer has been derived from which of the following language?

a) Greek

b) English

c) Hindi

d) Latin

Q2)  Who is the father of computer?

a) Ada Byron

b) Charles Babbage

c) Blaise Pascal

d) Herman Hollerith

e) None of these

Q3) In memory, the Full name of PB?

A) Petebyte

B) Pelabyte

C) Petabyte

D) Petobyte

Q4) In memory, the Full name of EB?

A) Exobyte

B) Extabyte

C) Exabyte

D) Exebyte

Q5) In memory, the Full name of ZB?

A) Zattobyte

B) Zottabyte

C) Zetabyte

D) Zettabyte

Q6) In memory, the Full name of YB?

A) Yattobyte

B) Yottabyte

C) Yetabyte

D) Yettabyte

—Computer MCQ Quiz-1—

Q7) In memory, the Full name of BB?

A) Bottabyte

B) Brontobyte

C) Botabyte

D) Bettabyte

Q8) The smallest unit of data in computers is _________ ?

A) kb

B) bytes

C) Nibble

D) bit

Q9) The brain of the computer system is _________ ?

A) Motherboard




Q10) Which of the following is the correct order of the four major functions of a computer?

A) Process, Output, Input, Storage

B) Input, Output, Process, Storage

C) Process, Storage, Input, Output

D) Input, Process, Output, Storage

Q11. Which of the following device is used for input to the computer?

A) Keyboard

B) Mouse

C) Scanner

D) All of the above

---Computer MCQ Quiz-1---

Q12) A computer cannot perform which of the following functions?    [IBPS Clerk 2015]

A) Addition

B) Subtraction

C) Bake a cake

D) Division

E) None of these

Q13) A collection of unprocessed items is _______    [SBI PO 2015]

A) Information

B) Data

C) Memory

D) Reports

E) None of these

Q14) Which among the following cycle consists of input, processing, output, and storage as its constituents?     [IBPS Clerk Mains 2017]

A) Processing

B) Output

C) Input

D) Storage

E) Data

Q15)  .……… is data that has been organized and presented in a meaningful fashion.    [IBPS Clerk Mains 2017]

A) Process

B) Software

C) Storage

D) Information

E) Data

Q16) Which was the earliest calculating device?

A) calculator

B) abacus

C) difference engine

D) analytical engine

E) None of the above

—Computer MCQ Quiz-1—

Q17) Analytical Engine developed by ________

a) Blaise Pascal

b) Charles Babbage

c) Dennis Ritchie

d) Alan Turing

Q18)  UNIVAC is

A) Universal Automatic Computer

B) Universal Array Computer

C) Unique Automatic Computer

D) Unvalued Automatic Computer

19) IBM stands for

a) Integrated Business Machine

b) International Business Machine

c) Internal Business Machine

d) Indian Business Machine

e) None of these

Q20) Who is the chief of Microsoft?

a) Mark Zuckerberg

b) Bill Gates

c) Bill Clinton

d) Steve Jobs

e) None of these


—Computer MCQ Quiz-1—

Computer Network MCQ

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