What is software engineering? Why we need software engineering?

In this article, we will discuss what is Software Engineering. Need of software engineering and also discuss Software Crisis.

What is Software Engineering?

Software engineering is the subject, where we study how we can engineer software. So before understanding software engineering, you should have basic knowledge about the software.

Software is the collection of programs that are written in some programming language. They perform some tasks and solve our problems.

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Software engineering is the study of developing software, where we study how to develop software.

In software engineering, we study how can be used our resources for developing software in the best possible way.

The aim of software engineering is to develop an environment of professional confidence.

In software engineering, we learn about software development, we learn how we develop the software systematically.

It is the process of software development, where software engineers analyze user needs and develop the software according to the user’s requirements.

Why we need software engineering?

To engineer a software product, you have to study the subject of software engineering. This subject study is important if you want to be a software engineer.

Actually, if you ask someone what you need to develop software, he/she can say, you have to learn some programming language to develop software. But only by learning a programing language, you can’t develop software. To develop software, we also need software requirements, not only requirements we also need software blueprint design and after that, we develop software programs using the design. The work is not complete hereafter we need to test our software. A good software company also maintains the software from time to time so we also need to maintain or update our software.


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Software Crisis

Software crisis is a term, which is used when many difficulties are encountered in developing computer software.

The term software cries refer to when a company faces many problems in developing software.

Software crisis term was used in the late 1960s when many companies failed to develop software projects. There were many reasons for software crises including:

  • Projects running over budget.
  • Projects running out of time which causes late delivery of software
  • Poor quality of software
  • Software often did not meet the requirements
  • Projects did not manage well and were very inefficient
  • Software complexity increased means Software was complex for the user
  • Software costs increased compared to hardware
  • Lack of communication between software developers and users.
  • Lack of adequate training in software engineering

Solution of software crisis

The solution is simple to never face software crisis which is software engineering practices among the engineers.

The main problem creating the software crisis is an unorganized way of working. So Software engineering is the only way that helps the software company to work in an organized manner systematic and disciplined way.

Actually, learning only programming does not mean you will develop good quality software. You should also understand the software engineer concept and practice it, which helps to create a professional and disciplined environment.


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