What is Data? What is Database? and Why we need Data?

In this article, we will discuss what is data? , why do we need data? and also discuss what is database? and the basic definition of a database. so let’s start.

What is Data?

Data is a single unit of information or we can say information is a collection of data. Actually, Data is part of information so information creates with the help of data.

For example

  • if we want your name, age, weight, height, etc that is related to you, so this is data and that’s data helps to create some information about you.

Why do we need data?

Data is very important in every field if we do business then we need data, if we do any scientific research then we also need data even if we play any game like cricket/football/hockey etc then we need data. So my point is we need data every time we do anything and data is very important in our day-to-day life.

So the point is, data is very important which helps to create information, so now I think you understand What Data is Actually, data helps to gather information and you know today’s world information is everything and without information (or data), you can’t do anything in life.

Data can be in any form like numbers, texts, images, sound, video, etc.

So if we talk about Database, It helps to store data and that data is related to each other means for example: if we create a “College Database so, In that database, we can store students data (like Student’s Roll no, name, age, class, etc.), teachers data, college staffs data, etc. means In the database, we should store that data which is related to each other.

Now we talk about the database,

What is Database?

A database is a location, where we store data and that data should be logically related in a systematic manner. So In the database, we can store our useful data systematically, which is managed by database users.

The first main question comes in our mind is, “Why do we need a database?”

So the first thing is, why do you need data?

If you do business then you need your business data or if you run a school/college then you need school/college data like student’s information, teacher’s information, staff information, etc. So to manage all information we need a database, where we can store data in a systematic manner

A database can be managed manually or electronically:

Manually, we can be managed or organized data on paper files, diaries, etc.

Electronically, we can be managed in computers, digital diaries, mobile phones, etc.

In computers, Database is actually a space, where we store our data in an organized manner.

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Basic Definition of Database

A database is a shared collection of logically related data in a systematic manner, which is stored to meet the requirements of different users of an organization, that can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

Database is actually a place or a location where a related piece of information is stored and various operations can be performed on it.

Database can be maintained manually or through electronic devices such as -: digital diaries, mobile phones, computers, etc.


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